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Vell Silversun

I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV since 2019 after a decade of playing World of Warcraft. I'm a reaper main on Exodus and love engaging with anything related to design in this game.In real life, I'm a UX Designer with a background in commercial interior design. Outside of gaming, I help with non-profit design projects and hang out with my family.


Showcasing glamours that are elegant, refined, fantastical, lore-inspired, and battle-ready.

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Discover looks fit for heroes, villains, and everyone in between. All glamour, preset, and environment details are available on Eorzea Collection.


Presenting a series of curated glamour collections and ensembles.

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Glamours inspired by World of Warcraft, reimagined for Final Fantasy XIV.

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Explore fresh spring looks inspired by real world florals.

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Elevate your screenshots with ReShade ready presets. These natural and realistic presets enhance in-game colors while adding a whimsical touch to each scene with beautiful background effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I download presets?

A: Presets can be downloaded for free from my Ko-Fi shop.

Q: What program can I use for these presets?

A: I recommend using ReShade with Add-on Support as this is the program I use to create and edit presets. At this time, I cannot confirm if my presets work across other shader post-processing programs.

Q: I'm having difficulties using your presets, how can I get help?

A: You can contact me on Discord, Twitter, or Bluesky to see if we can troubleshoot your issue. Please note I only respond to message requests from those with mutual servers or friends.


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GPOSERS Magazine

GPOSERS is a FFXIV fan creative community that produces digital media.

I'm a glam artist and photographer for GPOSERS who joined in February 2023.In addition to magazine work, I've had the opportunity to assist with social media projects and community events.It's a pleasure working with many creative-minded people to produce this content and I'm always excited to see what we come up with next!


Status: Opening Soon


Portraits Character Glamour Post-process Editing Design & UX


Portrait (Bust Up)Photoshopped PortraitCharacter (Full Body)Photoshopped Character
200,000 gil400,000 gil400,000 gil600,000 gil


  • Additional characters: +50,000 gil/person

Terms of Service

  • I reserve the right to decline or cancel commission requests at any point in the process.

  • I do not accept NSFW requests.

  • Character mods will not be accepted (my expertise with programs like TexTools/Penumbra are extremely limited at this time)

  • In-game poses will be used unless otherwise requested.

  • Modded poses can be requested. If you have a specific pose in mind, please send the original download location (website preferably, or Discord server if not available). Paid poses and those that do not allow for redistribution will not be accepted.

  • I can combine / customize modded poses if needed. Just like the above bullet, the original poses must be provided via download location and free to obtain.

  • If the commissioning party cannot send a .chara file, we will organize a day/time to meet in game for the character file to be retrieved. If a day/time cannot be agreed upon, or if there are time-zone conflicts, the request may be cancelled.

  • The commissioning party will receive a watermarked, reduced resolution proof prior to receiving the final product. Once approval has been given to the proof, the final will be sent.

  • Final products may be used for portfolio usage unless specifically requested otherwise by the commissioning party.

  • I have access to the following programs and software: Reshade, Anamnesis, Ktisis, Brio, Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, and Gigapixel AI. The requesting party may request or decline usage of any of the above mentioned programs.


Please feel free to message me on Discord and provide details of your commission request.


Chrysalia Couture

A place to venture all things design in Final Fantasy XIV.


This article explores convenient resources available online for the glamour making process, from finding inspiration to visually trying on gear pieces.

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October 10, 2023


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