Hi there! I'm

Vell Silversun

Who I am

I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV since 2019 after a decade of playing World of Warcraft. I'm a reaper main on Exodus and love engaging with anything related to design in this game. In real life, I'm a UX Designer with a background in commercial interior design. Outside of gaming, I help with non-profit design projects and hang out with my family.

What I do

As a long time player of FFXIV, I love to make glamours, take screenshots, and create my own shader presets. I’m involved in the FFXIV fan creative community through my involvement in GPOSERS magazine, glamour collaborations with friends, and offering screenshot and housing commissions.


Explore a spectacular display of glamours, ranging from elegant and refined looks to fantastical, lore-inspired, and battle-ready armor sets.

Latest Glamour

A collaboration with Flanella Generica inspired by the renowned musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'. This beautiful bridal look inspired by the character Christine is suited for striking DPS jobs.

Discover a medley of floral inspired glamours suited for spring.


For Characters & Environments

About the presets

Elevate your screenshots with ReShade ready presets. These natural and realistic presets enhance in-game colors while adding a whimsical touch to each scene with beautiful background effects.

All Presets

Discover all presets below and learn about best usages for each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I download presets?

A: Presets can be downloaded for free from my Ko-Fi shop.

Q: What program can I use for these presets?

A: I recommend using ReShade with Add-on Support as this is the program I use to create and edit presets. At this time, I cannot confirm if my presets work across other shader post-processing programs.

Q: Why are the presets on Ko-Fi?

A: In the event a preset is updated or a new one is added to the collection, Ko-Fi sends email updates when those changes are implemented so you can stay up to date with the latest versions. You're more than welcome to opt out of email notifications via Ko-Fi at any time.

Q: I'm having difficulties using your presets, how can I get help?

A: You can contact me on Discord, Twitter, or Bluesky to see if we can troubleshoot your issue. Please note I only respond to message requests from those with mutual servers or friends.


As a past time, I take pleasure in participating in the Final Fantasy XIV creative community through creating glamours, taking screenshots, and doing digital design work. Discover the projects, collaborations, and partnerships I've been involved with.

FFXIV fan creative community creating digital and social media content

GPOSERS Magazine

Since early 2023, I've helped with the creation of the monthly GPOSERS magazine, along with social media projects and in-game events.I love working with a team of creative-minded people to make this content and I'm always excited to see what we come up with next!


I love working with friends and making awesome glamours. If you're interested in doing a collaboration with me, please feel free to reach out!

Flan x Vell

Bean Boutique

Flanella Generica and I have been friends for almost 3 years and have a love of all things glamour, the color pink, and dogs. We've worked together to create a few glamour collections, ranging from dueling armor sets to cosplay.

Our Collaborations

Status: Open

GPOSE Commissions

I've taken over 4,000 screenshots since rejoining Final Fantasy XIV back in 2019 and love photographing characters and environments.

Commission Options

Learn about the different types of gpose commissions offered.


Best suited for capturing your character's best angle and showcasing them online through your social media and chatting app avatars. Portraits may be captured from the neck or bust up, depending on your preference.

Base Price200,000gil
+ Additional Characters+50,000 gil/character
+ Photoshop+200,000 gil


Whether you're looking to showcase a glamour, an area, or show off your awesome character, I'll do my best to capture them in the best possible light. Character photography ranges from waist up to full body screenshots

Base Price400,000gil
+ Additional Characters+50,000 gil/character
+ Photoshop+200,000 gil


Browse photographs of my character and others I've had the pleasure of capturing.

Terms of Service

  • I reserve the right to decline or cancel commission requests at any point in the process.

  • I do not accept NSFW requests.

  • Character mods will not be accepted (my expertise with programs like TexTools/Penumbra are extremely limited at this time)

  • In-game poses will be used unless otherwise requested.

  • Modded poses can be requested. If you have a specific pose in mind, please send the original download location (website preferably, or Discord server if not available). Paid poses and those that do not allow for redistribution will not be accepted.

  • I can combine / customize modded poses if needed. Just like the above bullet, the original poses must be provided via download location and free to obtain.

  • If the commissioning party cannot send a .chara file, we will organize a day/time to meet in game for the character file to be retrieved. If a day/time cannot be agreed upon, or if there are time-zone conflicts, the request may be cancelled.

  • The commissioning party will receive a watermarked, reduced resolution proof prior to receiving the final product. Once approval has been given to the proof, the final will be sent.

  • Final products may be used for portfolio usage unless specifically requested otherwise by the commissioning party.

  • I have access to the following programs and software: Reshade, Anamnesis, Ktisis, Brio, Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, and Gigapixel AI. The requesting party may request or decline usage of any of the above mentioned programs.


Want to request a commission? Please contact me on Discord and provide details of your commission request in your message.

Status: Opening Soon

Housing Commissions

With an IRL background in commercial interior design, I love being able to use my expertise when creating houses in Final Fantasy XIV. In game, I enjoy creating residential, retail, hospitality, special events, and photo studio spaces.

Commission Options

Learn about the different types of housing commissions offered.

Coming Soon

Pre-made Design

Explore a range of economically priced designs across all house sizes and functions. With a variety of designs available, you'll be able to find and build the house you want in no time. The pre-made design deliverables include a JSON file of your house layout, along with a list of all furniture and dyes used.

Apartment500,000 gil
Small1,000,000 gil
Medium1,500,000 gil
Large2,500,000 gil
Exterior500,000 gil

Custom Digital Design

Let's work together to bring your vision to reality. With a custom digital design, receive a fully fledged house design suited to your needs. The custom digital design deliverables include a JSON file of your house layout, along with a list of all furniture and dyes used. These allow you to more easily gather the furniture and materials needed for a smoother build.

Apartment1,000,000 gil
Small2,000,000 gil
Medium3,000,000 gil
Large4,000,000 gil
Exterior500,000 gil

Traditional Design & Build

From initial design to construction, I'll be by your side every step of the way with this option. For double price, I will take the burden of gathering, crafting, and/or purchasing all the materials needed for a successful build.

TypePrice+ Gathering/Crafting
Apartment2,500,000 gil5,000,000 gil
Small5,000,000 gil10,000,000 gil
Medium7,500,000 gil15,000,000 gil
Large12,500,000 gil25,000,000 gil
Exterior1,250,000 gil2,500,000 gil


Explore the houses I've designed and learn about the details behind them.

Terms of Service

  • I reserve the right to decline or cancel commission requests at any point in the process. In the event payment has been processed, the payment will be returned to the commissioning party.

  • Commissions cannot be cancelled once building has started. Refunds will also not be processed after this time.

  • Feedback and requests must be made prior to the building process. Any requests made after this time will not be adhered.

  • Only minor edits and tweaks (such as accessories placement or glitching errors) can be requested after construction is complete. These changes must be requested within 10 days of completion of the project.

  • Any designs posted on social media, be they pre-made designs or custom, must provide credit to the designer.

  • I may post completed designs on social media. In the event a property is private or you do not wish to share the housing information, please message me prior to the completion of the project.


Want to request a commission? Please contact me on Discord and provide details of your commission request in your message.